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Digital Ads Program

Digital Ads Program

Be a part of the USA Tourism Center’s digital programs aimed at reaching the consumer and travel trade markets which will help drive traffic directly to your own website. We have revamped our website and will be using various search optimizations to increase traffic to our site.

Your weblink on our web site

Help draw visitors directly to your site with a small investment to have visitors interested that get linked directly to you!

Our web traffic is steadily growing and this is an easy and economical opportunity to ensure you won’t miss any visitors looking to travel.

Newsletter on our web site

  • This is a great place for your organizations to announce new and changing information that the consumer and trade markets would need to know about.
  • This newsletter will be able to have hyperlinks to link the viewers directly to the identifying enterprise
  • Participants are responsible to submit photos and editorial in English. ( 4 photos and 300 words of editorial.)
  • Tourism Center will handle the placement and creation of newsletters as well as posting online.
  • All editorial content and photos supplied are to be in WORD format

Banner ads

* We offer various sizes for any section of our web site below the rotating banners

Most popular sizes:

  • 500 x 150 pixels
  • 725 x 100 pixels
  • 1000 x 200 pixels

Banner ads rotate every 6 months.

Email blast to the Canadian travel industry

Specification required:
Material may be supplied in any of the following formats: • Single-page high-resolution PDF – maximum page size 8-1/2 wide x 11 deep. •
Graphic formats: JPEG, GIF, TIF, or EPS - 850px wide (maximum) x 1000px deep (recommended, but may vary) at 72dpi • HTML files as
attachments (not embedded in the body of an email) – 850px wide (maximum) x 1000px deep (recommended, but may vary) at 72dpi. • In
accordance with CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) all TravelBlast's must include full address of advertiser.

  • Clients to supply all content.
  • Several options for pricing