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Welcome to Quincy!

Just minutes south of Boston awaits one of New England's most captivating destinations, the City of Quincy ("quin-zee"). Called the "City of Presidents" and "Birthplace of the American Dream", Quincy is the birthplace of the second and sixth U.S. Presidents, John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams. Home to Adams National Historical Park, the United First Parish Church, and Adams Crypt, Marina Bay, the largest marina in the Northeast, with shopping, dining and so much more, all while enjoying the incredible view of the Boston skyline.

That independent spirit would lead succeeding generations of Quincyites to pursue the American dream with the same passion and tenacity as their revolutionary forefathers: men and women like Howard Johnson – who opened his first ice cream shop in Quincy – and Amelia Earhart, who once held a financial interest in Quincy’s Dennison Airport.

And the spirit is alive today: While in Quincy, be sure to visit our many historic treasures to learn more about these important chapters in the Quincy story.

Quincy offers something for everyone including the New Quincy Center (downtown) which is among the largest urban revitalization efforts anywhere in Massachusetts, encompassing a total of more than 50 acres of mixed-use development in the heart of one of America's most historic cities.