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About Us

About The USA Tourism Center

The USA Tourism Center is a Canadian-owned and operated company that offers experienced niche marketing opportunities to various tourism enterprises. Our mission is to represent the public and private sector of the industry by promoting and stimulating travel and tourism to the USA. 


Our valued clients include festivals, various accommodations, attractions, restaurants, associations, and tourism bureaus as well as State tourism Offices.

We currently offer many different marketing opportunities such as:

  • E-newsletter
  • Production & Distribution of “The East Coast Traveler” magazine
  • Brochure Distribution at select trade and consumer travel shows
  • Experience USA Road Show
  • Corporate Travel Days
  • Customized Sales Missions
  • Media Receptions

All of our staff are properly educated and familiarized with the regions to answer questions and provide information to both the consumers and travel trade professionals.

The company remains an active member of various committees like the Discover America Canada Committee and participates regularly in various print, online, radio, and television-based media outlets and attends various committee meetings and conferences.